Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations are simple and safe procedures that can be done as an outpatient. The procedure of choice is utilizing a gel implant placed under the pectoralis major muscle inserted through a small incision under the areola.

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Combining Procedures

Often breast procedures are done at the same time as a primary or secondary facelift.

The facelift patient may simply have the desire to make her breasts larger with silicone gel or saline implants.

Mature patients who have always had small breasts are still good candidates for breast augmentation, just as they would have been in their younger years.

Other Breast Procedures

Women with excess skin or relaxation of the breasts may want either a simple breast lift to reshape the breast without an implant, or have implants places as well for enhanced volume.

Breast reduction surgery is also commonly requested. The incisions for the breast lift and breast reduction are similar—an incision is typically made around the areola and extended vertically to a horizontal incision at the crease under the breast. These scars heal very well over time and the results have excellent longevity.

Another commonly requested procedure is breast revision surgery. It is well known that one of the most common complications of breast augmentation is scar tissue formation. The implant itself does not change, but rather scar tissue develops around the implant, and creates an unwanted look and feel of firmness. It is a rather simple procedure to remove the old breast implant, release the scar tissue, and then replace the implant with an updated model.