Internet Connections and References

Dr. Hamra's expertise and experience have been referenced in many places across the Internet. We've collected a few links of interest here. If you happen across others, please email us and let us know about them. Please click on the logos to view the online articles listed below.
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Dr. Hamra is part of the RealSelf community — an online resource where you can discover the treatments, products, and clinicians that real people say live up to the promise of delivering effective cosmetic and wellness results.

Visit our blog where we've included a number of the questions Dr. Hamra has answered for RealSelf. You’ll also find reviews from his patients included on the RealSelf website, and if you are already a patient, a form you can use to post your own review.

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Watch Dr. Hamra's Webcast "When Facelifts Disappoint" on



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Dr. Hamra is included in the article "Noninvasive cosmetic surgery on the rise for aging baby boomers" on The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's website. They cite Dr. Hamra's comments to the Wall Street Journal "that patients can spend thousands of dollars each year on the procedures, but end up with very few lasting results. A more permanent solution that he cites is for an individual to receive a face lift and then maintain it with fillers or injectables."

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Laura Landro featured Dr. Hamra and comments from one of his patients in her online article for the Wall Street Journal: "Wrinkle Erasing for Starters - As Fewer People Get Cosmetic Surgery, More Try Frequent Injections, Fillers, Peels." Their comments focused on the downside of injectables - that they don't last.