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When will I be able to exercise and/or resume social activities?

Four to six weeks for aerobic activities.  Three to four days for walks and upper body exercises.
Please avoid abdominal exercises for four to six months if you've had abdominal or lower body procedures.

We've posted a more detailed set of guidelines in a post on our "About Face and Body" blog.


When will the sutures be removed?

Four to five days after surgery for face procedures. There are no removable sutures used for body procedures.


When can I drive?

Depending on the specific surgical procedure, a patient may drive once they're no longer taking narcotics.
Please ask Dr. Hamra about any specific restrictions required by your surgery.


I have a trip planned.  When can I travel after surgery?

You should wait five to seven days after surgery for face, breast, and nose procedures.
Please wait 10 to 14 days after abdominal procedures.


If I’m coming in from out of town how long will I need to be in Dallas?

For face, breast and nose procedures, plan on five to seven days. 10 to 14 days for abdominal procedures.


Can you recommend a hotel in Dallas that is convenient to the office?

Please see our hotel information page for recommendations and reservation information.


Is transportation available to your office when I come in from out of town?

Transportation to and from the airport, hospital, and your hotel is available if needed.


When can I color my hair?

Please wait three weeks before coloring your hair.


When can I wear make-up?

The next day for face procedures - but please avoid eyelid makeup.  You should wait 10 to 14 days after eyelid surgery.


Do you have suggestions for cosmetics to be used after surgery? 

We recommend Clinique Continuous Coverage make-up.
You can purchase these products at a Macy's or Dillard's near you.


When can I resume wearing contacts and or glasses?

If you've had eyelid surgery, soft lenses can usually be worn after five to seven days.
For hard lenses, you may need two to three weeks.
Using a small suction remover for hard lenses is helpful after surgery.


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