Primary facelift and facelift revision surgery is performed in a private, exclusive Dallas hospital under general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of surgery performed, the procedure takes between two and five hours. Afterward, patients must stay overnight.

Based on the type of surgery, sutures are usually removed on the fourth or fifth day after surgery. At this time, patients who are not from the Dallas area will be able to return home to continue their recovery.

Baylor Uptown Medical Center

Dr. Hamra utilizes the facilities of Baylor Medical Center at Uptown for all of his surgical procedures. Baylor Uptown’s mission is "to provide first class surgical services in a safe welcoming environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own families."  Baylor Uptown is also the first Green Certified hospital in Dallas. You can explore the hospital and experience a virtual tour at their website:

Your Recovery Period

After undergoing composite facelift surgery at our Dallas practice, primary and facelift revision surgery patients must recover for four to six weeks. Sometimes, more recovery time is necessary to achieve the ultimate result. The more surgery that is performed, the longer the healing period – and the more impressive and long-lasting the result.

Traditional facelifts offer a quick return to social life with minimal bruising and swelling, but the short healing time might be followed by a lifetime of unsatisfactory results. Patients must reason that the extra time of healing is offset by many years of a natural and harmonious appearance, whereas the quick recovery of traditional procedures can be followed in time by the development of unnatural and often unattractive looks.

Surgery will never be undertaken unless an appreciable improvement can be obtained. As with any surgery, results of primary and reversal facelift surgery are not guaranteed, and complications can occur. Complications of this type of surgery are uncommon and are the same as with any traditional facelift.