Meet Dr. Hamra:

Portrait of Dr. Hamra by Holt Haynsworth

Photography by Holt Haynsworth

Sam T. Hamra, MD, FACS

Dr. Sam T. Hamra
Experience and Qualifications

Dr. Hamra has been a pioneer all his professional life. Upon entering private practice, he was introduced to the original SMAS technique developed by Professor Tord Skoog of Sweden. In 1973, he and his associate, Dr. Mark Lemmon, were the first Americans to adopt this technique. Their award-winning work was first published in 1980.

Dr. Hamra was the first to introduce the inclusion of cheek fat (malar fat) to the facelift, which was published as the "Deep Plane Facelift" in 1990. He was the first to include the orbicularis muscle of the lower eyelid in the Deep Plane Facelift, which became the "Composite Facelift."

Now performed worldwide by numerous surgeons, Dr. Hamra is credited with originating the arcus marginalis release and septal reset procedures. These techniques preserve eyelid fat and use it to cover the orbital bone and smooth the transition from eyelid to cheek.


The Facelift Letdown

From the publisher:

The Facelift Letdown is a "breath of fresh air" for those seduced by the images of Dr. 90210, Nip/Tuck and the flashy cosmetic surgeons of Extreme Makeover. With substance and authority, Dr. Sam Hamra, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, explains his groundbreaking surgical techniques and describes the five most common problems associated with a "bad" facelift; why, if a facelift is so "good," many rich and famous people look so "bad;" and most importantly, how you can interview your surgeon, determine the best procedure for you, and avoid costly facelift mistakes.

This timely book reflects Dr. Hamra's two decades of leadership in the field of cosmetic surgery. It is beautifully illustrated and contains many case studies and photographic histories from grateful and youthful-looking patients. It is a primer to avoid the problems of overdone surgery, frozen expressions, windswept looks and bizarre results for anyone considering a primary or secondary facelift.

Please contact our office at (214) 754-9001 for details on obtaining a complimentary copy of the book.

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Peer Recognition: Game-Changers

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From Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Journal of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hamra's innovation, published in 1990 as the Deep Plane facelift, was the first major advance since the SMAS publication. He continued to develop and publish many articles, which are listed below.

Recently a comprehensive study was published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Journal of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, analyzing the past 50 years of aesthetic surgery articles in all of the plastic surgical journals worldwide. Out of these thousands of publications, the study authors selected the fifty most significant papers. Dr. Hamra was honored to have three of the fifty and he was the only facelift surgeon in the world whose publications were on the list.