A Profile in Harmony

There have been enormous changes in the approach to reshaping the nose in the last four decades, compared to the days when rhinoplasty was considered a simple technique. Many operations years ago utilized a “closed” approach, meaning that most of the anatomical changes were made by the surgeon from inside the nose. With today’s “open” procedures, surgeons can more easily and completely see the structure of the nose and re-examine and revise previous nasal procedures. Newer techniques can restore and reshape contours lost in a previous procedure by incorporating cartilage grafts taken from the patient’s nose or from behind the ear. These open techniques can benefit both the younger and the more mature first-time patient as well.

An attractive profile, however, involves more than just the nose — the chin is a critical element as well. Perhaps the most overlooked procedure is chin augmentation, used to bring the chin into balance with the nose. (A line dropped straight down from the top of the nose ideally grazes the chin.) The use of an implant to subtly augment the chin can give you a balanced and beautiful new profile!

You can see more about reshaping the nose on our website. Please contact our office at (214) 754-9001 to arrange for a consultation to see what Dr. Hamra can do to create – or recreate – harmony in your profile.


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