Revising facelifts: Are you unhappy with a previous surgery?

For millions of Americans, the quest for beauty might well begin with makeup, but often ends up in the operating room.

Looking at statistics from just a few years ago, there are more than ten million cosmetic procedures performed annually, with patients spending almost $12 billion. And the level of “repeat business” is increasing — patients who are no longer satisfied want to go under the knife again. But is there any guarantee it will work the second time around? If we are talking about a facelift revision, then the answer is yes — with the Composite Facelift.

Dr. Hamra explains: “When unhappy patients visit with me about their previous results, I hear very specific complaints. Most patients report that the result did not last long or that they don’t look as pretty as they had hoped. Some even state that their eyes look funny. One has to remember that cosmetic plastic surgery is not about chiseling features in marble, but making changes to a face that continues to age. Whatever the technique, mine or that of other surgeons, the face is going to age.”


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