The Aging Neck

Unfortunately, all parts of human anatomy age pretty much uniformly. Thus, when the face ages, so does the neck. And many women find there’s something especially bothersome about a sagging neck! The Composite Facelift always includes a neck lift — it is never omitted.

Individual neck anatomy varies greatly, but it can always be improved. If the neck fat is too thick, it is reduced to a normal level. In some cases, patients have no extra fat, but have prominent bands of muscle (the platysma) visible at the front of the neck. All of the anatomy of the neck must be addressed at the time of a facelift to avoid a segmentalized appearance, where the face looks more youthful, but the neck still shows signs of age. Dr. Hamra always tells his patients that the neck changes are less dramatic than the face, since the skin of the neck is positioned over a “hinge joint” and is therefore quite moveable, but these changes nonetheless make or break the surgical result. The best plan is a completely freshened look from hairline to base of neck.

The Composite Facelift creates unity by combining various maneuvers into an integrated procedure that surgically changes every part of the face and the neck. The forehead and neck regions will receive the same careful attention as the midface and jawline. Thanks to this comprehensive technique, the harmony of youth is restored.


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