Earlobe Reduction and Repair

Earlobe displacement is surely a telltale sign of facelift surgery when the normal curvature of the ear is distorted. Pulled down ears may happen at the time of an original procedure, or can develop with time. The natural contour of the earlobe can be restored. The surgeon must use the same facelift incision and recruit more skin from the neck and lower face. With a limited operation, this task is almost impossible.

The earlobe is often not distorted but is simply pulled forward — a tip-off that a facelift has been done. This is more noticeable when the patient has an inherently large earlobe. To avoid the pulled-down ear, the earlobe must hang at the correct angle. The incision in front of the ears is also tucked inside the ear where it cannot be seen. I can always reduce the lobe to fit the new more youthful face.


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