What Is It About Breasts?

Breasts define femininity — shaping the silhouette that women crave and men adore.

Breasts are the avenue by which womanhood is perceived. If your breasts are not giving you the ultimate silhouette, the answer may lie in a consultation with Dr. Sam Hamra. Dr. Hamra has been performing breast surgery for decades on women, young and old. Who doesn’t want the perfect shape? Whether your breasts are too small, too large or just simply sagging more than you prefer, Dr. Hamra can help you achieve the breast shape you desire with breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift. Each of these procedures can be a transformation into a whole new you — a more vibrant, confident you. Several photographs of the results of these surgeries can be found on the site here.

Please call Dr. Hamra at (214) 754-9001 today for information or to make an appointment for a breast consultation.


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