Going the Distance

“As one ages following a facelift, it’s not how good you look in time, but how bad you don’t look.”

How true is this statement?

When a patient is very enthusiastic about her facelift early on, but later is embarrassed to discover that the look she thought she had achieved is no longer present…this can be very disappointing. Many surgeons these days opt to continue offering conventional techniques that offer a quick recovery and little down time. These techniques, in the end, leave many patients in a very unhappy state.

A “mini lift” or “skin lift” may look very glamorous in the first few weeks, but may fail to give the patient a youthful appearance with the longevity they desire. The more areas added to the facelift, the longer the recovery and the more time it takes to achieve the desired result, but the more complete and youthful the change. This is the philosophy of the Composite Facelift.

The Composite is a facelift for the ages and was developed to give the patient a complete and youthful change in all areas of the face. The technique gives the patient the desired result — one that will last for many, many years to come. The Composite Facelift definitely goes the distance! To learn more about the Composite Facelift technique, visit our website www.drhamra.com


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