“Nip / Tuck”


When patients come in for consultation, we are always fascinated when we learn of past surgeries and what has influenced their visit to our office. Since we specialize in the “facelift re-do” or “facelift revision,” more often than not we are consulting with patients who have been down this road before. Some of them have been down that road one too many times. It is this patient we especially love to help. One doesn’t have to consider too much surgery or too many injections the end of the line. The Composite Facelift can repair the “overdone” patient in such unique fashion that the patient no longer even looks as if they have had anything done. The long-lasting result of the Composite Facelift is a version of you in your youth, even if you have had other operations before.

The Composite Facelift can correct the tell-tale signs of previous surgery and produce a more natural-looking result, one that will last for years and years to come. Because the Composite Facelift keeps adjacent areas together, lifts in multiple directions, and preserves the lower eyelid fat, one can do more than just promise a lasting youthful contour – signs of previous procedures can be completely eliminated. Learn more about the Composite Facelift at www.drhamra.com or call now for a consultation (214) 754-9001.


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