Trending in Plastic Surgery for 2017


While plastic surgery procedures are on the rise, perhaps the most popular of procedures, the filler, may take on a new twist in this new year. “Bigger” and “poutier” are the words most often heard in catch phrases when patients discuss fillers. However, in 2017 look for these to change to words such as “softer” and “smoother.” As the world of fillers changes, so too will the results. Juvéderm Volbella® is directly injected into the fine lines around the mouth and into the lips for a soft, sleek, and smooth look. These are areas that have troubled so many women over the years. With Volbella®, the result should last for at least two years. Finally there will be an answer for what women feel really ages them. Not only will the skin around the mouth look softer and smoother, but so will the lips themselves, resulting in a natural appearance that will last, without return visits for touch-up or improvement. Juvaderm Volbella® will knock it out of the park! A real home run in 2017.

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