Gifts That Keep on Giving


As the holiday season approaches, wouldn’t it be great to snap your fingers one day and have the beautiful look you long for? Consider a little holiday makeover to have just that. Why wait any longer? If you need/want a face with fewer lines around the mouth or full and inviting lips, we have the treatments just for you in Volbella® and Voluma®. If you are looking to erase frown lines and fine lines around the eyes, consider Botox®. These treatments take just minutes and will have you looking great before your next holiday luncheon or event.

Perhaps the desire is a more permanent gift to yourself — one that will keep you looking youthful for years to come? If so, consider the Composite Facelift, a next-generation facelift with a beautiful and natural looking result. Do you wish to return your aging body to the shape you had in youth — consider the Cosmetic Body Lift. It is a comprehensive body technique that incorporates all aspects of the aging body, a “nipples to knees” makeover that you will enjoy forever.

These lovely holiday surprises are waiting just for you! Call our office at (214) 754-9001 to schedule a consultation or injections today!


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